3DD Capture Help

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How to use 3DD Capture app

Software Demo (17MB 3m38s)
iPhone Demo (19MB 1m33s)
Save and Upload Demo (9.5MB 2m50s)
  1. Download and install 3DD Capture from Apple App Store.
  2. After launching 3DD Capture, you should see this screen:

    This is camera view. To see the function of each button, please tap on the help button .
  3. Aim at your object with the front camera, and center your object on the screen. Ideally it should cover 3/4 of the entire screen, or it should at least fill the green rectangle if it is a small object. Then tap on icon or anywhere on the live preview to capture the object. The volume buttons can also serve as the camera shutter if the device is not in power-saving mode. This will bring you to the 3D result screen:

    You may notice that the result view is reversed from the live preview above, this is because the live preview is a mirror image.
  4. tap on icon again to return to camera live preview.
  5. Add additonal shots if needed.

  6. After capturing all shots, you can review your shots by tap on view previous shot, or tap on to view next shot. To delete current shot, tap on icon .

  7. Once you are satisfied with all shots, you can tap on icon to export all shots.
  8. Next you will be prompted to enter a file name for packing your shots.

  9. Finally, you will be prompted to select the destination where the zip file can be sent to. Besides sending to other people, you can also choose Copy down below, and then paste it to any where on your device or iCloud. Or you can choose Save To Files.

  10. To restart capturing another batch, tap on icon to return to camera live preview. You will be prompted to discard or keep previous captures.

  11. To go to your 3D results from the live preview screen, tap on icon . This button is disabled if no shots have been captured.
  12. To load external captures from local device or from other sources, tap on icon , this will open the file browser to let you view captures shared by other people.

Note 1: The true-depth camera does not work very well with shiny, reflective, transparent, or translucent surfaces.

Note 2: Avoid bright light. The true-depth camera cannot capture depth data under bright light.

Note 3: The best shooting distance from target is 25cm to 50cm or 10" to 20" according to Apple's recommendation.