Download Solid3D

Enter Scanner No.:

How To Use Solid3D

  1. Solid3D Setup Demo

  2. Solid3D Scan Demo

How To Find Scanner No.

  1. Scanner with black glass top:
  2. Scanner with blue glass top:

Install Solid3D

  1. After you click the Download button, it does not take you to a new window or new page, instead it will ask you whether to run it or save it. See screen shot below (your screen may look different but similar):
  2. You can choose Run if it is available, and skip to step #6. Otherwise You choose Save.
  3. Click the yellow folder icon on your task bar to open the Windows Explorer:
  4. Click Downloads folder from the Quick Access list:

    In that folder, you should see a file named Solid3D-####-setup.exe, where #### is your scanner number.
  5. Double-click on Solid3D-####-setup.exe.
  6. Windows will show warning that it is not safe to run. See below:
  7. Click More Info, which will display the option Run anyway
  8. Click on Run anyway.

Now Solid3D has been installed under C:\Solid3D folder. And a shortcut has been created on your desktop. Please watch the demo video before scanning.