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Mt Emey Shoe Line covers all aspects of diabetic & orthopedic shoe needs. All shoes are grouped into four distinctive stages to help facilitate the decision-making process on shoe fitting.

Stage 1 covers mild diabetic foot conditions, such as, minor swelling, or diabetic neuropathy Stage 2 covers moderate diabetic foot conditions, e.g. Lymphedema, bony deformities, e.g. hammer toes or bunion / bunionette. Stage 3 covers severe deformities such as severe edema or Charco-Marie-Tooth disease, toe amputation Stage 4 covers custom products or shoe modifications.

Stage 1 Diabetic / Orthopedic Shoes Premiere Collection

Stage 1 premiere collection shoes are designed for early stage diabetic patients who need comfortable yet supportive and aesthetically appealing shoes for different occasions. These shoes are recommended for patients with little or no deformities in the foot. They feature extended widths, added depth, seamless toe box, removable inserts and strap or lace closure. These shoes are coded under Medicare Shoe Bill PDAC A5500 for diabetic patients. ( * To qualify for the Shoe Bill a patient must have Diabetic Mellitus ICD-9-CM or ICD-10-CM/PCS, peripheral neuropathy, with callous formation, or diabetic neuropathy, previous amputation, history of previous ulceration as well as compromised vascular disease in the foot.) With extended and reinforced shoe counter, solid EVA outsole materials and soft genuine leather upper,

Apis Stage 1 includes shoes for casual dress and athletic walking shoes. Styles include women’s 9205, 9205-L, 9200, 9212, 9214, 9215, 3310, 9306, 9315, 9320, 9321 & 9327. Men’s styles include 708-L, 888-V, 9602, 9701, 9603, 9605, 9606, 9606-V and 9608, also include 305, 308 and 309 inserts.

Stage 2 Diabetic / Orthopedic Shoes Comfort Collection

Stage 2 shoes are designed for diabetic patients who need comfortable and supportive shoes for moderate deformities in the feet. Stage 2 shoes feature extended sizes and widths with over three true widths, duo-depth or triple-depth toe box, seamless lining at the toe and enclosure with straps or laces.

Apis Stage 2 includes shoes for comfort dress, wellness casual or athletic walking and utility for working group. Styles include women’s comfort collection 9202, 9301, 9106, 9108, 9306, 9315, Answer2 styles 445, 446, 447, 448 and utility shoes 3401, 3402,3403 and 3404, men’s styles include 801, 802, 7021, 9501, 9502, 502, 9921, 9702, 9704, 9708, 9713, 9703, AM5605, AM5615, 9951, 503, 504, Answer2 styles 551, 552, 553, 554, 557, 558, also include insoles 305, 308 and 309.

Stage 3 Diabetic / Orthopedic Shoes Medical Collection

Stage 3 shoes are the ultimate solution for diabetic patients who can not be fitted with normal off-the-shelf shoes. These shoes are designed to accommodate certain deformities such as severe edema, Charcot or bunion, to provide support and protection. All of the shoes in this category are coded under Medicare PDAC A5500 for diabetic patients. Stage 3 shoes cover over four true widths, double-depth, triple-depth or supra depth toe box with large built-in volume, surgical opening and wound-care protection, all come with seamless lining at the toe, removable insoles, enclosure with straps or laces and extended sizes and widths. Styles include women’s medical collection 628-E, 608, 618, 9226, 9301-C, 9301-X, 9301-E, 637, 638, 639, men’s styles include 728-E, 708, 718, 511, 502-C, 503-C, 504-C, 502-X, 502-E, 737, 738 and 739, also include insoles 305, 308 and 309.

Apis Stage 4 Custom Shoes And Shoe Modifications

Stage 4 shoes are custom made or modified to accommodate each individual patient’s specific needs. These shoes are made per the casts or digital scan from patient’s foot/feet and/or modified by strictly following the doctor’s prescription. Custom shoes are approved to be billed under PDAC A5501 and modifications are billable under respective codes. Mt Emey custom shoe program offers styles and materials selections that are not available elsewhere. Customers can choose any style and material that are included in the regular product catalog. The service is offered to accommodate specific patient’s needs for footwear that are otherwise cannot be met with stock shoes. These shoes provide case-specific support and protection. All modifications are only applicable to Mt Emey Shoes.