Foot Orthotics Services

Custom Molded Foot Orthotics for Patients with Diabetes & Foot Pain

Accommodative orthotic devices are designed to reduce foot pain and accommodate foot deformities. They are applied at the location of a rigid deformity, arthritic joints and / or near a painful chronic skin lesion, which particularly are vulnerable for at risk patients with diabetes. Custom orthotics decrease vertical and shear force that may cause ulceration. They are proven preventative measures in reducing amputation.

Support the Arch & Relieve the Pressure

PDAC Approved Under Code A5513

How to use Custom Foot Orthotics ?

* Wear a pair of properly fitted shoes with the custom made foot orthotics can    significantly reduce foot pain and the risk of developing foot ulcer;

* Inspect the inside of the shoes carefully to see if there is any foreign object before insert the orthotics in the shoes. If you are using the foot orthotics for the first day, make sure you wear them for two hours at most and inspect your feet to see if there is any shear spot or redness, this might indicate pressure point that is not properly addressed by either the orthotics or the shoes, you may need to visit the practitioner to seek advice.

* If you have diabetes please consult your foot care professionals to get diabetic shoes and diabetic socks, these products are designed specifically for diabetic patients and are highly recommended.


 How do I take care of my feet if I have diabetes?

* Wash your feet daily (use a mild soap and lukewarm water). Dry carefully the area between the toes. Inspect your foot daily (check sores, cuts, bruises, changes to the toenails; use a mirror to look under the foot if you can not see it).

* Take care of your feet - cut toe nails straight across and never cut into the corners; do not try to remove corns and callus by yourself - see a Podiatrist for this; avoid going barefoot, even at own home, this lessens the chance of some  accidental damage)

*  Fitting of footwear is very important. Here are some useful tips:

Have your feet measured each time you buy new shoes.  New shoes should be comfortable when purchased and should not need a "break-in" period. Buy shoes that have extended bottoms which means real widths.  Avoid shoes with high heels, pointed toes or tight around the toes or those that   expanded uppers only to make the shoes wider, do not go for large size to gain the width needed, shoes do come in wide widths

* See a Podiatrist or foot care professional if there is any pain or change noticed on the foot.

Disclaimer: Please consult your caregiver immediately if there is any negative occurrence after you wear the foot orthotics and shoes. All information provided are for reference only.

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