How to minimize custom shoe re-make rate

Custom Shoe Program offers:

  • Best fitting rate
  • Most style options and best guarantee
  • Risk free custom shoe program

Needing High-top athletic, super wide comfort shoes, you can choose any style in the catalog,  "Do not fit, do not pay". One pair of custom molded inserts are always included, no addtional charge for any modification.


What we need to reduce re-make rate for custom shoe orders

Preparation for Custom-shoe Orders

In order to manufacture thebest-fit custom-made shoes, we need following items to be submitted with your order. Please remember, cast is very important, but cast is not everything.

1. Casts

Casts must be semi-weight-bearing and CLOSED-TOE, i.e., patient needs to be in seating position and leg is perpendicular to the foot.

Preferable casting materials are:

  • Plaster bandage
  • Fiber-glass casting tapes
  • Carved positive casts
  • Digitized cast files

STS® socks are not recommended since they tend to shrink during transit and under hot summer weather in Los Angeles.

When using fiber-glass casting material, please pay attention to the following problems:

  • The most common problem with fiber-glass casts is that the cast does not show the end of the longest toe. Proper wrapping around the end of the longest toe will eliminate this kind of problem. Most practitioners wrap the toes first, then the rest of the foot.
  • The other common problem with fiber-glass casts is that the wrapping is too tight, which makes the cast narrower and longer than the actual foot.

When sending plaster casts, please wait until they are completely dry. Wet casts may collapse or change shape during transportation.

2. Foot Tracing

Please provide weight-bearing foot tracings so that we can know how much the foot spreads sideward and forward. Weight-bearing tracing is done while patient is in standing position. If the patient has difficulties to stand up, then just do the semi-weight bearing tracings. Hold the pen or pencil in perpendicular position to the paper.Please always indicate whether the tracing is weight-bearing or semi-weight-bearing.

3. Foot Impressions

Foot impressions on foam are optional. It is highly recommended as they are a very helpful reference to the cast. Foot impressions provide better definition of the plantar surface of the foot, and pressure offload can be made easily by pressing down the foam material.

4. Foot Pictures

Foot pictures are also optional. But in case of any ulcerations/callusing, amputations, or severe foot deformities, pictures can provide better understanding of the foot condition.

5. Custom-shoe Order Form

Please always use the Custom-shoe Order Form. Some important information like patient's weight and height, the rigidity of the foot, foot problems, shoe and foot orthotic specifications, etc., can only be recorded in written form.